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The last few day's I've been looking over memorymap for a 10 mile TT training route...well I found one that takes me out onto mostly fast back roads mostly left turns too. It's not too hilly but there are some gradual gradients. A steady pace most of the way then it's a sprint finish on the last 200 - 300m through the depot gates......Details

Dist:- 10.14 miles (door to door)
Max spd:- 40.5mph
Avg spd:- 17.5mph
Avg Pace:- 3:26min/mile
Time:- 34:48!!!!!!!

Boy was I pleased with myself...I would've been quicker if I was fully awake....it was 0515 when I set off!!!

But then coming home I went up the hilliest of my commute routes.

Dist:- 3.38 miles
Max spd:- 22.4mph
Avg spd:- 15.0mph
Avg pace:- 4:00/mile
Time:- 13:33!!!!! My quickest time yet

I tried getting out of the seat on the climbs and keeping my cadence after being inspired by a certain Mr. Armstrong...High cadence over big gears and I do believe it may have worked...also I was a lot less knackered when I got home.

Not bad for a fat bloke
Heaven kicked me out and Hell was too afraid I'd take over!!!

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Happy riding