Got The Bike, Don't Laugh, PICS.

Paul Sh
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Ok, I got my new Giant yesterday, it's not a supa doopa spec TBH but it's a start on the roadie ladder, the gears are my biggest gripe as the SRAM X9s on my MTB are far more superior.
Having said that, i done 13 miles today on my MTB in horrific winds and was totaly knackered, I jumped on the Giant and i must say it was a breeze to ride good components or not, Anyway, a few pics.

Don't really like the Cateye on my MTB so bought one of these,

Gears, Hmmmmm


And finally, when i grow up i'm gonna have one of these,



  • giant_man
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    you have made a brilliant choice for a first bike mate. Nothing wrong with a Giant, happy riding.
  • sibike
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    nice looking bike,hope you enjoy it .
  • Gr.uB
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    Another Giant fan here.
    I have grown up :D2008-06-0100-54-03_0009.jpg
  • Stuww
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    Hi Gr.uB

    What is the light and bracket you have fitted to your Giant ?

  • shoei
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    Can i add mine? :wink:

    Frame, crank, seatpost, saddle, bars and shifters from the brother in law, i bought the rest hence its a bit of a bitsa groupset wise, but it works a treat and i love it.

  • Matt-B
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    I bought a Giant SCR 2 about 2-3 weeks ago to replace my ageing Dyna-Tech, and I have been very impressed. It's a great bike, the compact road frame suits me (as an MTBer) much better than standard road frames and it shoots up hills much quicker than any other bike I've owned. Having said that, I'm very new to the 'road' thing - it does seem much nippier than the Cannondale R900 I owned for a while though.
  • Bassjunkieuk
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    Just thought I'd also step in in defense of GIant's, being an SCR3 owner, I have to say it has made a lovely introduction into road bikes for me and is my first "proper" bike - i.e one that cost quite a bit (I was happy to spend more but the wife would have killed me!) and didn't come from halfords :-)

    So far I've only changed to the brake pads and tyres, all the stop/start commuting in London really wears em down!
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  • s1mon
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    What is the light and bracket you have fitted to your Giant ?

    Dinotte, great lights, I have the front ones they do, 200L + 600L. On One used to sell them but they don't list them anymore :?

    Oh great choice for your first road bike, I've got a SCR too as my first road bike.

  • deal
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    another happy giant user here, i have an scr 2 and a giant trance mtb bike :D
  • winoneday
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    I love my Giant, people seem to mock them alot, however everyone who tries one seems to be impressed.
  • Gr.uB
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    Stuww wrote:
    Hi Gr.uB

    What is the light and bracket you have fitted to your Giant ?


    Correct later on.
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  • redddraggon
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    winoneday wrote:
    I love my Giant, people seem to mock them alot, however everyone who tries one seems to be impressed.

    The 2009 Giants look far better than the current crop, they might be good frames but they just don't look as good as the opposition (until 2009)
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  • girofan
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    I have an SCR2 and within two weeks the bottom bracket had to be replaced! A sealed job, but was done under warranty. Second ride after replacement the BB came loose and ruined a good ride with friends. Decided not to take it back to local bike shop and tightened it myself.
    Next ride it came loose again! Drastic action was called for, so, I removed the sealed unit altogether and wiped the copious amounts of grease from the unit, lightly greased the thread of the cups and added a LITTLE smear of Loctite to the faces of said cups. Re-assembled the BB and chainset; no problem since. BUT as I was putting the Shimano chain onto the chainset what did I find but the outer plate of one link completley sheared! This chain was only three months old and had about 500 miles use.
    Moral: Quality control at Giant non-existent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Denny69
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    Another Giant fan here too....I own an XTC4 and the SCR4...only mine ain't that clean!!! It's a start but TBH I can't see me getting a carbon bike!!!

    The only problem I've had so far is the spokes on the rear snapping on the sprocket side, but I'm a hefty rider and the new spokes seem to be holding up.
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  • Dunedin397
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    Nice bike Paul SH, enjoy it.

  • C-S-B
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    dont you just love the look of a shiny new bike? :D