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SlatSlat Posts: 16
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I fancied going mtbing in france last year and never really got round to it due to lack of funds and a knacked bike. Since then i have got myself a Meta 5.5 my first decent full susser and ive been watching people in morzine enviously on youtube. Theres 4 of us that fancy going and will be driving over and camping. it seems a pain in the censored trying to find the closest mtb centre in france to my northern city of CARLISLE so i was wondering if anyone knows the farthest north mtb centre in france. Any advice for the journey would be most appreciated. Also would like to hear any experiences anyone has had while over there and there favorite places.



  • AirnimalAirnimal Posts: 7
    I don't know the geography that well, but try searching for ski resorts. Most have chairlifts and downhill rides in July ad August that a detailed search would confirm.
  • Jono_T_Jono_T_ Posts: 11
    Hi ,

    I made the journey down to Morzine from the great Border City myself we camped in Dijon En route but if you get an early ferry you can do it in one day bout 8 hours drive. Morzine has 24 lifts running in the summer the largest area open in Europe.

    Incidentally I came from Carlisle to the Alps to set up
    so if you need catered accommodation in the centre of Morzine check us out!
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