Westferry Roundabout

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I am looking at the Westferry Rd nr Canary Wharf and cannot work out the best/safest way through.

Do you go OVER the top of it or go UNDER it and carry on around the Isle Of Dogs??


  • fast eddie
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    i'd try underneath,a multitude of black cabs around canada water on top,my commute finish's at westferry stn. so this is just a guess.
    I'm looking for an alternate from edgware, any idea's? (angel to algate not my cup of tea):roll:
  • I have only done that roundabout at the weekends so traffic has been light. The roads leading up are probably more dangerous. I would make my decission more on how I was getting there.
  • dombo6
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    I usually go up it and turn left to Cabot Square. Hold your position and charge at the ramp - keeps most taxis, buses etc behind you. They won't get too stroppy as there's always an army of security men at the top directing traffic.
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    I go over. I like the scenic route so take Cable St towards Canary Wharf, then the cycle paths along the river. Problem at the moment is that the building site has blocked cycle access, so you have to carry your bike up the steps to Westferry Circus. I haven't tried the lift - yet

    The roundabout below is dark and I'm nervous about drivers not seeing clearly with the transition from light to dark.
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    In the mornings I go under westferry (as I dont have to cross any traffic that way), but in the evenings up cycle along the waterfront and then carry my bike up the steps, and then cycle down the ramp on the other side.

    I find I can get in to quite a good position when I come off the ramp, and generally find the traffic is pretty light around 530-6pm when Im riding through. Even when its heavy, it cant actually flow that fast anyway cause of the natural funnels on the exits.

    The only bit of action Ive seen around Westferry was when some poor cyclist fell off his bike when he hit a greasy patch by the building site (mud or oil?).

    I avoid cycling underneath Westferry as cycling along the waterfront is quite nice and you dont have to fight with cars for roadspace (and pedestrian traffic is pretty light anyway).


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    Well this is the route i have planned http://bikeroutetoaster.com/Course.aspx?course=11237

    I would be leaving my home at approx 6.30am Thursay so would hit the rush hour
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    To be honest, the traffic around Westferry Circus is pretty light anyway. Its not on a main commuter way, and even the few times traffic has been heavy...it cant go particualrly fast anyways.

    And looking at that route, I think Westferry will be the least of your worries :)

  • Clever Pun
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    I go under as there's 2 lanes and you can take a whole one to yourself without any grief (the road works at present are irritating granted) less traffic lights and you avoid the extra traffic that comes into or from CW itself.

    I cycle the main route/road to the Greenwich tunnel, but loads seem to take the quieter bendy route... anyone have any opinions on that? I suspect it's slower
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    I used to live very near it - at Anchorage Point (loads of apartments next to the Cascade building) - traffic is usually pretty light but it's also quite dark under there - I'd go over, past the Four Seasons hotel.
  • Over. But that's because I am scared of the dark! :lol:
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    Well in the end i went over and was not like what i though it would be. The security was heavy but i managed to sail past in the outer lane.

    Got a bit of a shock after going all the way round the isle of dogs when i came up to a dead end and had to carry my bike up some stairs to get to Churchill Place :oops: