Electrolyte powder replacement, any suggestions??

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Can anyone tell me if there's a like for like alternative to the SiS powder in tablet form?
I've tried the Nuun tablets, and I've also tried the Zym tablets, both of which taste (IMO) awful.
I love the SiS powder, but taking some on a long ride is going to be tricky, has anyone come across any other tablet types that would be worth a try?

(the reason I didn't like the Nuun and Zym tablets...they weren't sweet enough)



  • I measure out the powder for a bottle then put it into a small plastic sandwich bag and take it with me. Advantage is that you can squash it to fit in your pockets and the plastic stops it getting wet if it chucks it down.
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    Carry sachets of SIS...
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    I have an old ISO powder tube, which i just measure out the powder for, and carry that with me. Didn't find the Zym tube was really big enough for that.
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    A friend of mine uses Dioralyte powder to replace essential electrolytes.
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    Gr.uB wrote:
    A friend of mine uses Dioralyte powder to replace essential electrolytes.

    Good idea that!
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  • Gr.uB
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    It is also rather cheap compared to some of the more obvious options.
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    Yeah the SIS stuff comes in individual sachets, there's one free on Cycling Plus this month to.
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    If you don't get on with Nuun etc. I don't think you would like Dioralyte - it tastes far worse, unsurprisingly medicinal - and best for emergency use only IMO, although it doesn't have that nasty fizz that Nuun first has.

    All the SIS products I have tried have had a very sweet taste so probably best to stick with sachets or small bags as suggested and drink what you like.
    I\'m sure I had one of those here somewhere
  • Gr.uB
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    You can get a Dioralyte that is tasteless.
  • Gr.uB wrote:
    You can get a Dioralyte that is tasteless.

    Well, you can get a Dioralyte that is tasteless when you're badly sodium-depleted :) It's surprisingly how neutral salt tastes when you've been sweating buckets.

    In fact, Dioralyte is probably one of the few things you can buy that contain enough sodium to be useful. Most of the proprietary sports drinks seem to skimp on sodium, either because it tastes horrible or because the health-food industry has convinced people that it's a poison. In any event, an electrolyte replacement that actually works (in a way that can be verified by research) is going to taste a bit yucky. That's just a fact of life. If it tastes palatable, it's doing you no good and you might as well stick with water.

    I make my own. It costs almost nothing.
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    You can get neutral flavoured nuun - just add it to whatever else you are drinking.
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    I think that the Nuun tri berry flavour is pretty good. Once had to buy the lemon flavour which was a war crime.

    You can get blackcurrent flavoured electrolyte sachets from Boots for next to nothing. They don't taste too bad, but can be a poor at dissolving.
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    Personally I find the Zym lemon & lime ok to drink. I have just bought some nuun, which I am not as keen on.

    The other tablet product on the market is Motor Tabs, which have 16g of carbs per tablet as well as electrolytes http://www.motortabs.com/ . The grape flavour one is a bit strange, but the rest are ok. Tablets are massive in comparison to Zym and Nuun.

    High5 also do a lot of their products in sachet form.
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    A friend of mine worked in a foundry years ago. Sitting everywhere were lemonade bottles filled wth orange squash and salt. It was known as "Jungle Juice" - so draw your own conclusions as to the taste.
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    I love the SiS powder, but taking some on a long ride is going to be tricky
    Have you considered a series of small containers, such as 35mm film canisters? They hold about 30mls (not sure what that would be in grammes, teaspoons etc). Some Kodak and Fuji ones are translucent, you can see how much is left inside.
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    I personally find SiS GO is probably the best product on the market. I would use the small sachets, you can easily fit them in the back pocket of your jersey etc And just use them as you need them. I've used SiS on long distance TT's, Audax's, touring rides, training rides in scorching hot weather on the continent. It's never let me down.

    I also use it for heavy indoor training sessions when you're sweating buckets.
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    I uses SIS go as well - just carry the sachets. I like the fact that it has carbs as well. Zym seems fine to me, bough some Nunn cola but I've lost the tube and never got to try it!