Toupe Saddle for lite weights?

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I have just got my new Roubaix Expert yesterday and I am setting it up, however it come with a Toupe Gel saddle and I am almost 13 stone.

Is this saddle only comfortable for lite weight people, or will my average size backside still be comfortable after 4 hours or so?



  • Rich-Ti
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    I'm 14st and it's still one of the most comfortable saddles I've used, and I have the narrow 130 one!
  • scapaslow
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    I'm lightweight and have a non gel 130 toupe. Unfortunately ii find it uncomfortable after 2 hours and hell after 3 or more! Maybe the gel makes a difference?

    I'm hoping to try some new shorts on it but the weather has been so poor lately that i've been out in longs a lot. So, unless something dramatic happens - it's on the way out. If you find a saddle that is still comfortable after 4 hours - that's pure golddust :!:

    Hope your get on well with it.

    For me, what to try next is the dilemma...
  • jellybellywmb
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    I have the toupe Pro team which has less padding than the gel, I have ridden 6 hrs without discomfort and I weigh 13.5 stone noe but was closer to 16 stone when I got it.
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  • a_n_t
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    12 st on the 143mm one and no gel.

    most i've done is about 4.5 hours on it and its been fine.
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  • System_1
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    Well, I can beat everyone here on the weight. 17.5 stone and ride a 130mm non-gel Toupe. Next comfiest thing to an armchair. Only wish I had the money to put one on my commuter too.
  • Keanocp
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    Nearly 14 stone :oops: and my 143mm non-gel Toupe is by far the best saddle I've ever had. Bike came with a Specialized Avatar saddle which had lots of padding and gel but was nowhere near as comfy as the Toupe. The flex in the shell and rails, combined with less overall bulk seems to make a huge difference, for me anyway.

    However, make sure it's the right width!
  • BlueNGT
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    How do you select which width to go for?

    Isnt the width determined by the Sit Bones not body weight?

    I cant decide between a Toupe Gel or Selle SMP Evolution!!
  • System_1
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    Fitting is done in the shop. You sit on a little gel pad that measures the width of your sit bones. Do not ever buy one assuming that because you are a bit big that the bigger saddle is the right one. I'm a confirmed fat bastard yet needed the narrow one. There's obviously a slim firm buttocks in there somewhere.
  • SunWuKong
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    I'm with scapaslowI'm not heavy and have tried the 130 Toupe and Alias and have found both to be horrendous after a couple of hours.

    The most comfortable saddle I have had is the Fizik Arione, the only problem has been numbness, which is why i tried the Spesh BG saddles. I have a Flite GF on one bike have found that it good in between option but not ideal.

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  • DuncSF
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    I'm 18 stone and have 2 toupe, one on each road bike and they are the most comfortable saddles I've evr tried - at tops I'm covering 250 miles a week and they are very good at preventing numbness in the nether regions - worth every penny and had one of them for over 2 years.
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  • johnnyc71
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    I'm just under 18 stone - and got a toupe gel saddle last night - seems comfortable.