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Noisy rear end

PlattiPlatti Posts: 130
edited June 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
On my bike that is..... Recently went out on a ride in the wet and couple of noises annoyed me which I'm looking to erradicate.

Firstly I think I got some dirt in between my rear set and the plastic thingy that keep the chain from coming off on the wheel side. I'm thinking of taking this plastic thing off - would that cause me any problems ? (I can upload a pic if I've not made it clear what I'm talking about)

Secondly when I went to use my brakes hard in the wet they screeched like my old blocks used to. I was hoping now I'm on discs they'd be noise free in all conditions - whats caused the noise, is it something thats the norm or have I got some dirt in there ?

The third noise in a slight grinding noise coming from my rear brake discs although the bike going in for a freebie service in a couple of weeks so they can sort that out.



  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    I am guessing that the clear thing you are refering to is the spoke protector. It is there to stop the chain damaging the spokes. If the rear mech is all set up properly you will not need it and should ditch it.

    Disc can and do squeal. Have you bedded them in yet as new pads will need bedding in to quieten them down. Also when it is wet you may get some muck up on the disc and this will create noise.
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