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Anybody use their Carrera Fury as a road bike?

JMC39JMC39 Posts: 38
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I am currently looking for a general purpose bike that will mainly be used for road, but also some light off-road tracks. Based on reviews, the Fury looks an excellent bike for the money, however I am unsure whether a MTB geared bike would be suitable for my needs. I'm thinking of possibily purchasing one and putting some Continental Travel Contact tyres on it. Also, how much of a difference does the MTB gearing make over a standard road based hybrid?

Thanks for the help - I'm a confused biking noob!
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  • beskibeski Posts: 542
    You'll find it perfectly ok for road use (especially with slicker tyres) obviously you won't be as quick as on a road bike, with it's gearing, but those smaller cogs are invaluable when you face steep climbs off-road
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  • JMC39JMC39 Posts: 38
    Thanks, beski - you've helped me make my decision.
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  • BlackSpurBlackSpur Posts: 4,228
    I think a bike like this would be more suitable
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  • andysolandysol Posts: 125
    I use my 07Fury as a commuter. Ive used Spesh nimbus tires (1.5) and Conti travel contact (1.75).

    They both work well although id did have problem with regular rear spokes snapping until i replaced the standard spokes with stainless double butted ones. (I am a bit rough with the bike though so that may have something to so with it)

    One thing to bear in mind on gravel / loose surfaces is that the tarmac tyres do not give the same grip as trail tyres. Ive found this out to my cost on a few times when cornering too fast on semi loose stuff. Resulting in scuffed elbows and knees!

    But having said that if the main surface is tarmac then they are fast and puncture resistant. (If you can get the contis on the rims as they are very tight)
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  • danhxdanhx Posts: 165
    I have Conti's on my Giant XTC with rigid forks. Works fine as a road bike, and having recently switched the forks I now have a better idea of what surfaces to avoid when riding on the roads.

    Next year I'll get a road bike though, simply dont have the gears for fast flats/decents on the mountain bike.
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