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Nooby from NZ

SezzSezz Posts: 15
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Hey everyone!

I posted in the beginners section, too... and then I found this spesh wee forum just for the ladies...

not that I think 'ladies' is the correct term for a bunch of women who ride muddy bikes!

Ive been getting into MTBing for the last few months here in New Zealand and am totally loving it. I'm moving to the UK for about a year (in July) and am trying to think ahead about where I'm gonna bike while I'm away!

I'll be living in Canterbury. Is there ANY MTBing in that area?
I can't seem to find much except for a leisurely ride on a slight slope or two.
I've been doing a bit of DH and have been learning to jump. Yeah! I getting air!
Anything to speak of? Or... how far would a train ride be to some decent areas for MTBing?




  • lynseyflynseyf Posts: 47
    Don't know about Canterbury but there's loads of mtbing in Scotland :) , the main centres are the 7 stanes

    Glentress is really great and has a good range of trails and some jumps etc. in the skills park. Innerleithen is more DH, never been there but its supposed to be good.
    There is lift served DH at Nevis Range at Fort William, its where the World Championship was last year.

    Wales has a lot of MTB as well and I'm sure there are loads of great places in England but I'm kind of spoiled living in Scotland so have never been to any of them
  • SezzSezz Posts: 15
    Ooooh! so jealous! I'll have to make the mission up to Scotland at some stage to check it all out. ... and to Wales!

    I'm getting plenty of practise in for my last few weeks in New Zealand before I'm there, so if anyone else is on the South east, lemme know and we can go for a ride!

    Cheers :)
  • breezerbreezer Posts: 1,225

    Take a look at this thread in the riding section as they often ride around Blean which is near Canterbury, apparently there are some good hidden trails ... t=12541598


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