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GT Avalanche 1.0 hydraulic disc brake hose

j4mesj4mesj4mesj4mes Posts: 138
edited July 2008 in MTB workshop & tech

Just got a GT avalanche 1.0 and attempted to put it together.

But it seems the hose for the front hydraulic disc brake seems to short?
(as seen in the pic)

It seems really tight to the frame like its too short, can anyone suggest whats going on or a solution please




  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Yes, it does look fractionally too short. Just dropping the bars a bit will cure that (and as you have lots of spacers under the stem, that bit is easy)

    However it is a workaround - you need longer hose. I'd contact the shop you bought it from.
  • CraigXXLCraigXXL Posts: 1,852
    The front hose on mine was 80cm on large frame is you want to check.
  • j4mesj4mesj4mesj4mes Posts: 138
    ive tried taking all the risers out and still have the same problem, still the hose should be capable of being able to handle the length inc all the risers

    if you compare my pic to the on one this link (same bike), there appears to be alot more length ... =25896.jpg

    should the bike not come with the correct size hoses, packed by the manufacturer?

    Will check the length of the cable when i get home, cheers
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    It should come with sufficient hose yes. Looks like an oversight.
  • j4mesj4mesj4mesj4mes Posts: 138
    if I do contact the shop for te correct hose, im not gonna have the kit to rebleed it :S
    more £££
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Bought online yeah?

    Contact them anyway, they may do you a favour. They may want it back though, but unfortunately you'd cop for the postage.
  • j4mesj4mesj4mesj4mes Posts: 138
    yeah it was from chain reaction cycles, was gonna ring them today when i realised the issue, but the phone lines are not open weekends

    yeah im dreading to think what the postage will be on a parcel that size
  • j4mesj4mesj4mesj4mes Posts: 138
    just measured the hose and its 70cm! 10cm shorter than your Craigxxl

    that would explain the problem!
  • gordo1973gordo1973 Posts: 1
    james i bought the same bike from chain reaction and had the exact same problem.

    i tried adjust bars etc nothing seemed to work though.

    in the end i just opted to run the pipe through the forks as from what i can gather even at full compression there is still plenty of room there.

    may be why they are selling them cheap, since getting mine a few weeks ago the seatpost snapped on first trip onto some rugged northshore and i've found one of the four bolts holding the bar to the stem is threaded.

    both problems much easier to sort if you don't buy online!

    Should also mention the bike arrived with a puncture and the u lock i bought had it's plastic covers at the bottom smashed, must say not impressed by my buying experience!
  • j4mesj4mesj4mesj4mes Posts: 138
    Oh right,

    in the end i sent the front brake back and they just gave me a new longer hose rebled

    Havent had a chance to put it together fully yet and test it out yet due to the constant rain

    Just need to put the tyres up and put the pedals on

    I hope there isnt any more problems, they seemed very helpful and keen to get things sorted out

    They are selling the bike for the same price as all the other shops
  • robotsukrobotsuk Posts: 56
    good luck mate?
    Crc are really good for sorting out problems, but generally i usually build my own bikes, that way there is no problem!!!!


  • j4mesj4mesj4mesj4mes Posts: 138
    just starting to get into biking atm, so im pretty clueless

    think i need to buy a book which explains everything!
  • robotsukrobotsuk Posts: 56
    mhmm, a book, no need to pay
    just go on:

    or u cud buy their big blue book!


  • j4mesj4mesj4mesj4mes Posts: 138
    cheers for that, its got quite a few good stuff on there!
  • robotsukrobotsuk Posts: 56
    No Problem Mate
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