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Announcing a new bikeshop etc...


Before I post in the main section and inadvertantly annoy people I'd just like to check if my intended post will be acceptable.

Basically I'm a contributor to the site in a personal capacity (under my own name) but now I'm involved in a new dealership for an under-represented but high profile brand and I'd like to post a simple topic giving who, what, where etc of this (uniqueish) new venture.

This wouldn't be a straight link to the website etc but info to interested people who can then ask questions and get honest answers.

If this is against forum policy then fair enough - just wanted to check first.



  • John StevensonJohn Stevenson Posts: 1,131
    That sounds an awful lot like what we in the publishing trade call 'an advertisement'.

    We welcome folks from the industry participating in forum to answer legitimate questions about their products or services.

    But to start a discussion simply to promote a business is advertising, and we charge for it.

    I'd suggest you continue to use your other account but disclose your interest if the topic of your products comes up.

    Thanks for taking the time to ask.
    John Stevenson
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