Seat binder bolt question

Pete Beer
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I've got a David LLoyd track frame I'm building up. I've exhausted my collection of binder bolts and none fit. Does anyone know anyone who sells a selection and haw I can find out which one I need. It's 20mm caross and has no threads, so I guess it's an allen key type.


  • GaryGkn
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    It might be one that screws into itself. Like a sleeve design the threads are all inside. I have seen them but not new. Hopefully some knowing type will rescue you.
  • NervexProf
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    Might this be what you are looking for? ... 0000000000
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  • GaryGkn
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    That is the one that I meant. They are quite neat.
  • Pete Beer
    Pete Beer Posts: 604
    That looks hopeful. I'll give them a bell on Monday to check the length.
    Thanks guys......................