Edinburgh to St Andrews

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Well done all those I passed on my way into St Andrews this afternoon.

This is not me boasting, I was in the car! :oops: :oops:

Lovely day for it, lots of people having fun, evidently. I was VERY jealous. Had to stay home and strip tiles off the bathroom wall, mow the grass, cut the hedge and sulk. :(

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  • nwallace
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    Set off from Vomit around half 1 to do St Andrews to Pitscottie and see people arriving. Ended up taking the route in reverse over to Falkland then back over by 'muchty and Newburgh, only 86km that and It's knackered me, glad I didn't try it this year with so little training. Not eating till Freuchie didn't help.

    Well done to those that did it, much better weather for you this year!
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    Our club run took us from Stirling to Milnathort this morning and we passed hundreds of cyclists coming in the opposite direction as we headed South through Kinross. Most of them had confused expressions as they passed us, thinking we were going the wrong (or possibly wondering if they were going the wrong way)! :D

    Congrats to all those that took part. Hope the weather is as nice for Pedal for Scotland in September (unlike last year)! :wink:
  • Steve_F
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    It was a fantastic day out and the route was really enjoyable. First time I've done it and was very surprised to see the ice cream van at the top of the Cleish Hills, I thought they were meant to be steep!?!?

    I also hope the weather is like this for Pedal for Scotland but that's maybe a bit much to hope.

    That's the longest ride I've done so far and it gave me a lot of confidence that I can go even further :D
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  • Brian B
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    Me and my brother did a run over in the Ochils and we had started off and finished in Kinross and saw the route signs as we descended off the Cleish hills. We got a comment from walkers that we were very late compared to the others that had passed through a while ago.
    Brian B.
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    I managed to drag a few of my colleagues from the office to join me in this years Edinburgh to St Andrews bike ride. This has to be my longest distance ride so far...and I'm gearing for plenty more.

    There was somthing that I picked up on the day and I'm sure that I'm not alone on this. The lower parts of my leg are covered in, what I can only describe them to be, midge bites. I later discovered that some of my colleagues, whom also wore bike shorts, had them too.

    Anyway...all in all, I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!
  • pneumatic
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    It is possible that your bites are those of the infamous berry bug. I live on the route and we are badly afflicted every year with these little beggars during the soft fruit season, especially when it is warm and humid.

    I don't know what a berry bug looks like or whether it has a Latin name, all I know is that they will leave your warm damp places looking like a TDF King of the Mountains jersey.

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