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Incompatible Truvativ chainsets-ISIS and Powerspline

andywarintonandywarinton Posts: 6
edited June 2008 in MTB buying advice
I thought a had a bargain S/H GT Avalanache 1.0 off ebay with damaged Truvativ 5D chainset and picked up new replacement also off ebay but unfortunately found this to have an ISIS fitting when the old one is PowerSpline

Problem is now I can't find a Truvativ 5D PowerSpline listed either s/h or new on internet so I feel stuck. Is there a new Truvativ model? Should I go for an alternative Powerspline fit chainset or should I even consider changing BB to a Powerspline model (but I guess the l/h crank will also be either ISIS or Powerspline)

Suggestions would be warmly received!

Whilst looking I found some reviews that were pretty unfavourable for the SD chainset anyway.


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