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Worth the upgrade? GT Avalanche to a Commencal Supernormal

simonj1234simonj1234 Posts: 47
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I'm currently riding a GT Avalanche 1.0 '08 and have caught a bit of the upgrade bug!!

My intention is that at some point I'll pick up a full suspension bike to go along with my hardtail. Until that time I'm just wondering what to do with my hardtail. I've already upgraded the brakes and would like to upgrade the fork and certainly the drivetrain (which is showing a bit of wear). Doing the upgrades I want will probably come to around 350 quid so I'm just wondering whether it's worth selling the bike and getting around 300 for it then adding 500 to it and picking up a Commencal Supernormal from Merlin for 800.

Is the Supernormal a good bike and in particular would it be a worthwhile upgrade from the GT? Would I be better upgrading the Avalanche or selling it and going with the Commencal? (I could sell the Formula Oro brakes that come with it and get a bit more money back).

I'm 13 stone and ride fairly agressive XC. Would the 24lb Commencal be fit for it?


  • BlackSpurBlackSpur Posts: 4,228
    Depending on your definition of "fairly aggressive XC" I would say that the Commencal would not be the best choice. Personally I would stick with your original plan, upgrade the GT minimally (i.e. only when bits break/wear out) and buy a full susser in the future.
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  • samick888samick888 Posts: 1
    I bought the Commencal Super Normal and I can tell you its a superb bike.
    I find that I can fly over terrain that I'd normally have problems with on my old Trek 4900.
    The bike is very light & extremely stiff. This makes it great for acceleration and climbing.
    The only thing I would say on the negative side is that the back end doesn't absorb much, but thats part of the challenge with hardtails I guess. I always thin that full suspension bikes take the skill out of XC and you end up adding 6lb and spending £400 more for the same spec.

    By the way I was 13.5 stone when I got my Supernormal. I've lost a stone since then riding it every day :D

    I bought my bike from Merlin and I have two differen views of them.
    Great customer service if your in the shop and great prices on what usually turns out to be OEM parts, but the customer service online isn't too hot and my pal has been disappointed with them more than once.

    Before you buy you must check out the Merlin Malt4. You'll see what I mea when you see it!
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