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Trek 5200, hunting for gears and hurt ego...

JHGJHG Posts: 24
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Today I took my Trek 5200 out for a ride. I bought this bike few weeks ago but had some problems getting the correct shoes and cleats. Now I got on my bike for the second time.

Its amasing how easy it is to ride it, there was a strong wind and some hills but I had no troubble with it. I have been using a mountain bike for years and this one is so much better on the road.

There is one problem though, when I am in lower gears (around 3rd og 4th) it starts to hunt for a gear, it swiches back and fourth. All the other gears are ok. Does it needs adjustment?

Well, I was getting pretty confident with the cleats.....then it happended. I had to stop suddenly when I car came from another street and I was stuck. It was really embarasing. But I wasnt hurt and the bike is not damaged so I guess no harm done (well.....maybe my ego....).

After that I always got at least one leg free before getting to an intersection.

Overall I am really happy with my bicycle and the clipless system and I am sure I will use this bike more often than the old bike :)
Jon H. Gudjonsson
2012 Cube LTD Race
2006 Trek 5200


  • DoobzDoobz Posts: 2,800
    the gear jumping could be that your cables have just stretched a bit. Perfectly normal, you can tighten the cable on the down tube and on the rear barrel adjuster at the back of the rear mech

    Unlucky about the fall mate.. Everyone has a fall in cleats tho so I wouldn't worry too much - sometimes in the least obvious places - I fell over while doing a U turn on a bike path going about 0.001mph - the worst thing was I was lying on the floor laughing and trying to unclip my feet.. Some kid rode past on his bike and must have thought I was on crack or taken too much LSD
  • Keithp88Keithp88 Posts: 58
    its the laughing thing that does it when you fall of with the bike still firmly attached to your feet that confuses the censored out of people, must have done it three or four times now - some people never learn. makes me laugh thinking about it.
  • JHGJHG Posts: 24
    I will look at the cables. I think its getting better, it could be just because of the bike hasnt been used for some time.

    Yep, it was really embarassing, and I still think of what people are thinking, they probably cant figure out why I didnt put my legs down :lol:
    Jon H. Gudjonsson
    2012 Cube LTD Race
    2006 Trek 5200
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