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Massive Quadriceps Trouble.

BigbazilBigbazil Posts: 4
Hi I'm Baz and I'm new to the forums.
I'm hoping you you guys could help me out. I'm 23 and try and do a decent 25ish mile ride each weekend, Thing is my quadriceps muscles on the front of my thigh go really really tight, like a cramping. So i just stretch them off.
The thing is I play rugby a lot (i'm 6'2 15st10) and wonder if the change in the way i use my muscles is the root of my problem, I play in the scrum so its very much short bursts of full power.
I have just started using SIS GO on my rides which has helped a little.
Any help gratefully recieved,
Cheers. Baz


  • NikBNikB Posts: 243
    Welcome to the forum. It could be your position on the bike. If you are sat too low then it will place a lot of pressure on the Vastus medialis muscle which is part of the quadriceps group. Another possibility is related to the iliotibial band.

    When your pedal is at the bottom of the stroke how extended is your leg when you are sat on the saddle?
  • BigbazilBigbazil Posts: 4
    Well my legs are nearly fully extended at the bottom of the stroke so there is only a small amount of bend in the knee. Which i always believed to be right. Is it??
  • NikBNikB Posts: 243
    Sounds right, there is a good guide to setting it up somewhere but you'll not be far off at that. It may be worth going to see a physio.
  • Greg_mGreg_m Posts: 15
    Its worth paying attention to yourfulid levels while riding.

    Easyest guide is that your urine should be clear before you get on the bike, and try to consume a small amount of water every 5-10mins, not all in one go.
  • BigbazilBigbazil Posts: 4
    Well I went out and did 18 miles today in a howling gale, it was a bit of a chore. I did quite a lot of stretches before leaving the house and along with drinking plenty, Result. no real tightness to speak of. Will just have to see how i fair when we ramp up the milage in training for doing the west highland way.
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