Steel rim brake pads.

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Just brought myself an ancient Raleigh with chrome rims and was wondering what brake pads are available?
Any recomendations?


  • bagpusscp
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    I have loads. £1 a pair + post.Send me a sample :!: so I know which pattern .
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    Thanks, I sent you a PM requesting info.
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    "with chrome rims..." you need " brake pads" that, when it is wet, scream "o mi god, we're going to hit [insert whatever is in front of the bike at the time]!"
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  • SamWise72
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    The best for wet weather braking (which is what chrome rims are worst for) are Kool Stop Salmon. The ones which look like original style pads are called Continentals, but I can't find anywhere in the UK which stocks them online. Alternately, you ought to be able to fit the Kool Stop Mountain pads, which are much longer, and may work much better, and are definitely available. A google of Kool Stop Mountain Salmon ought to find them (I don't stock them.....yet)
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  • Pongo
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    I know what you mean about the braking! Fairly non existent.
    I bought an immaculate RSW 16 deluxe for the wife as a back up bike for her daily commute and she loved it so much that she " insisted " that she buy one for [url=me]me ... on_eek.gif[/url] At least it is comfy!
    I have in mind that they used to use leather pads for these rims. Any truth in that? The bikes are in the shop at the moment so I cant look and see.
  • SamWise72
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    I think leather pads were only on those brakes which pushed down on top of the tyre, but I'm routinely wrong about such things. I reckon if you throw on some double-pivot calipers (I can link to some good long-reach ones) and KoolStop Salmon pads, most steel wheel bikes should be very useable still. I ride a Raleigh Superbe with the old calipers and what look like 30 year old pads, and it's fine as long as it doesn't rain.
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    The leather pad ones were ok [ they did make them for rim brakes :) ] I think it is a matter of trial and error, though the error may be painful.
    I might be part of a team using shopper bikes for next years Mountain Mayhem [24 hour mtb event] so would be interested in any good stoppers for steel rims, especially if it rains like it did this year...........
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    They did make blocks with strips of leather in them for chrome rims. They were marginally better than standard blocks, but still not great in the wet.

    I was trying to get hold of some recently and my LBS (normally quite good on that kind of thing) didn't have any in stock, or appear to have any idea of what I was talking about.

    In short, try and find something with a soft compound. Red blocks are typically better. I've tried some Koolstop blocks (the Continental) and have found them to be a bit snatchy in the dry. I get a lot of judder on my front forks, though this could possibly be the way the calipers are setup (they're old ones from the 1950s, so aren't as stiff as a modern caliper). They weren't stellar in the wet either, though I think I need to sand them down or toe them in a bit.

    These are the Continental blocks: ... ontinental