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Knackard right leg.

AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
22 years ago i had a bad scooter smash which resulted in me ripping my right knee out of my leg . I broke my tib/fib fema & kneecap 6 places in total . I have a metal plate with 26 screws holding my fema together . Now been MTBing as soon as i was able to ride a bike again , i've race'd XC/DH Even 24 hr races , but after last years shite weather and a change of job resulting in me sitting on my backside for upto 6 hours a day i have had to visit the doc's and he,s put me on med's to try and sort out the constant pressure pain i've been have'ng , the meds are Gabapentin and i was just wondering if if they were ok to race on i.e banned substance and has anyone else been tacking them. or does anyone know of other meds i could use to bet this pressure pain as its getting rearly bad thanks.
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