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heya, im looking to get into road racing after seeing the girls 4 gold campaign...figured why not!! have been looking at bikes and am confused already!!! :? Im about 5ft 2 with a 28" inside leg can anyone point me in the right direction for a frame size?? and also any bike recommendations?? (am willing to spend around a grand, but if theres a bargain about would save my overdraft!!!)
cheers Ellie :D


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    If your looking to spend a bit of money I would definately go to a bike shop and get measured up for one rather than take guesses as everyone is different. You can also test ride the bikes you like..
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    Well I would definately go window shopping for a weekend sit on some bikes feel what is comfortable for you in terms of reach etc.

    I agree with what red dragon said in another thread that if you are experienced and know what affects feel, ride position etc then you can make these decisions on your own, if you are newer to it then maybe a good LBS or sales assistant (edinburgh cycles are pretty good here in manc) then that advice might really help you out.

    Longer top tubes will affect how stretched you are from the saddle to the handlebars where as the seat tube is the drop from top tube where the seatpost goes down to the bottom bracket and is more to do with your leg length.

    There are lots of articles here and elsewhere if you do some searching on bike sizing just be aware sizes are not standard. So one manufacturers 50cm might have different top tube and seat tube sizes to another manufacturers 50cm frame (although both will be their 50cm offering), this is what changes the feel between the different bikes. If you understand what affects this you can compare geometry sizes between ones you have tried and ones you haven't. If you are new to it however might be best just try everything in the flesh so to speak.

    I am sure you will get the usual suggestions for bikes:

    Giant SCR/TCR ranges
    Specialized Allez Sport or Roubaix
    Bianchi C2C etc

    Around the grand mark if you understand frame sizing and don't mind internet ordering planet x full carbon, ribble bikes or focus cayo all offer great value on money. Also keep in mind 2008 sales on bikes will hit soon due to the fact 2009 will be out in the coming months.

    Also I read an article two months ago that prices on bikes will rise this year due to a couple of factors one being the factories producing most of the materials for frames being affected by the olympics due to shutting the factories to control pollution :? Those sales will be good browsing time!!!!