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DexDex Posts: 22
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Any good, anyone had any problems with them?



  • sicrowsicrow Posts: 791
    There are a lot of threads on this forum that say ribble have improved immensely in recent times and as such are excellent now - I visited when looking for my last bike and whilst I did not get it from them in the end I found them eager to help
  • jpembrokejpembroke Posts: 2,569
    If you are looking for an entry level road bike then they are hard to beat. If you do decide to buy one of their 7005 frames though, do check the sizing. They are a bit on the long side (I found this out to my cost). Just go a size smaller than you normally would.
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  • DoobzDoobz Posts: 2,800
    they are ok and the customer service isn't too bad either. I got a bike from them at the begining of the year and it had a few issues that they sorted out pretty fast. If you do buy a bike from them just give it a good look over and make sure everything is tight and connected correctly.

    My particular issue was that there was no rim tape on the rear wheel so when I went out for a ride the rear tube burst on the sharp edges of the rim holes..

    Other then that they are sound - I often buy stuff from them and they are cheap and delivery is pretty fast also..
  • scherritscherrit Posts: 360
    Their bikes are fantastic value, we have had a few in our workshop to unpack for our customers and they have all been nicely assembled, all the crucial threads greased, properly torqued etc. wheels straight etc etc

    I'm surprised about the rim tape but I guess mistakes can happen!
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  • hi, i bought a Nero Corsa in February and am very impressed with it. I opted for Campag Chorus + Eurus wheels and it still came in at a very reasonable price.

    It's worth making the trip to their shop in Preston to sit on the bike before you buy it though. The guys were very helpful and clued on.

    The bike arrived within 10 days, all i had to do is set the bars and put the pedals on. :D
  • Ordered parts on Sunday night at 11pm

    arrived Tuesday


    first time I have used Ribble and will do again

    find postings of experiences on this board really useful

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