Anyone Have Experience With Kinetic-One Bikes?

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I'm looking for a decent entry-level road bike. I came across the Kinetic-One website and these bikes look soooo beautiful.

Has anyone had any experience with these bikes, in particular the "FK-Transition" Road Racing Triathlon Bike? Would you recommend them at this price level (c£500-£600)?




  • Really, no one out there has a Kinetic-One bike?

  • defdaz
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    I was watching one of their no reserve auctions for a bike but unfortunately they cancelled the auction as it wasn't reaching a high enough bid price. So much for the 'no reserve' eh?

    Wasn't impressed and emailed them. Email came back saying as a one man bang he couldn't afford to let the bike go too low. No idea why he put it on as a no reserve auction then. Bizarre.
  • I was watching the exact same auction. A similar bike went for £320 a while ago, which seemed like a bargain versus the retail price of £585 on the website. I didn't think items could be withdrawn from eBay once bidding had started. Shame.

    The bikes seem to be reasonably spec'd and it would be great to have a personalised fitting.

  • redvee
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    My dealings have been OK with K-One, though I was the seller and he was the buyer. Anybody bought a Spesh Allez frame, red 56cm, with 105 mix?
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  • Eat My Dust
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    Kenetic One bikes used to be rebadged Ambrosio frames (although I don't know if this is still true). I had an Ambrosio bike for a while and though it was a great bike (if that helps!)