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SIDI Shoes - East of England??

TreksterTrekster Posts: 29
edited June 2008 in MTB buying advice
I am after some SIDI MTB shoes, have heard very good things about them.

Does anyone know where I can purchase them in the East of England? I don't want to buy them on-line.


  • DazzzaDazzza Posts: 2,364
    I don't know about a store but i bought my dragon 2 srs shoes from chain reaction, they are worth the money, very tough and comfortable.

    Only thing i will add make sure you go up a size as they can be on the small size.

    Sidi cafe is also a good place to look at.
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  • strodeystrodey Posts: 481
    I bought some from AW Cycles in Reading two weeks ago and i'm well chuffed with them! Bit more central than east though!
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