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has anyone returned anything to this shop as im about to return an item, but the trouble is the returns form asked for your full card details for the refund as they dont keep a record of your card but i think it is too risky sending your card details through the post, and my 30 days for returning the item will be up soon


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    I'd suggest ringing them up - I bought some stuff from then recently, they seemed like pretty decent folks.
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    Hey mate,

    Although I haven't returned an item for refund, I have returned a Turbo Trainer under warranty. I received my replacement Trainer within a very reasonable 10 days.
    I can tell you that they are very professional and provide good customer service. I was suitably impressed.

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    Have bought various bits of kit and a bike from cyclexpress with absolutely no problems. Very pleasant and helpful when you phone them up for advice too.

    I shouldn't think you'll have a problem with them.

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    No worries with them, they are associated to Middleton Bikes. Ormskirk, Lancs - I've been a customer for several years and they are very professional, very trustworthy.
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    Visa and Mastercard brought-in PCI DSS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard last year as an anti- credit card fraud measure.
    It details all sorts of security measures anyone handling credit card numbers has to take, from shredding paper order forms which have card numbers on them, to destroying the 'your calls may be recorded' tapes if they have card numbers on them, to encrypting card numbers in their computer systems before they charge your card and then deleting the card numbers afterwards, to doing criminal records checks on staff, to website firewalls and anti-virus, etc, etc.
    They're forcing retail merchants to apply these rules, with (very expensive) audits from outside data-security consultants to give sign-off's, major fines for non-compliance and really humungous fines if there is some data breach by hackers, etc.

    Many bigger merchants can afford to spend a fortune getting PCI-compliant, others will decide it's not worth it and basically won't store your card number, so if you need a refund, they'll have to ask you for your card number as they don't have it.
    Sounds like the case here.

    I understand your reluctance to send these details through the post, but...
    As it's a refund though, they'll need your card number, expiry date, cardholder name & address, start date/issue number for Maestro
    - BUT they won't need the CV2 security number on the back of your card : that shouldn't be needed for refunds