Need New Cycling Kit.........Best Deals???

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Recently got back into cycling and dragged all the old mothballed clothing out of the wardrobe. Basically its seen better days and needs throwing. The only item that will survive is a Motorola jersey that is still in great condition.

I now commute to work (8 miles each way), mostly on an MTB, and when i get the time go out on my road bike, currently around the 30 mile mark.

Problem, need some new jerseys and shorts. Can get away with cheaper kit for the commute, but need some better quality shorts (at least) for the road bike.

Been looking at the usual suspects, Wiggle, Parkers, Ribble. Wondering about DHB shorts for tthe commute, and Giordana Silverlines for the Road rides. Probably only got around £120 tops to spend so budget is not in the Assos league.

Any ideas and experiences with shops and kit welcome. Any one seen any deals around at the moment???


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    Hi Shaun,

    the DHB shorts are very good, and although a bit more pricey than they used to be, should do the job nicely.

    Another helpful forum user posted about the Nike sale on at JE James cycles (There's a large ad on the right hand of the screen when you go their website) and I have ordered 4 pairs of shorts, 2 for me, and 2 for my gf, from there as well as a pair of bibshorts.

    Might be worth a look, tuther chappy who posted about them thought they were very good quality, and reductions are 'supposedly' in the region of £50 down to £19, or £35 down to £14 or so, so some cheapy kit to be had.

    My order hasn't arrived yet, placed it at the weekend, so am hoping either end of this week, or early next week.

    Linky here:

    Chain reaction tend to be quite good for Jerseys, quite a few reduced ones from previous years, Gill and Berghaus are decent kit, but not too pricey.

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    I know how you feel, I've only recently bought some new gear; I'd been looking like the cycling world's equivalent of Rab C Nesbitt for the past month or so.

    DHB shorts are great; I have a pair and find them extremely comfortable and durable.

    For the rest I can recommend Campag clothing, you will proabably need the next size up from your usual though; so beware if buying online.

    Giordana is ok but the sizing can be a bit unpredictable i.e. good fit on the body but cutting of the arm's circulation through the sleeve!

    I've had good experience shopping at Wiggle, even buying the same item in different sizes and returning the item(s) not required, with prompt refunds and initial delivery.

    Hope that helps some.

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    The most comfortable bib shorts I have ever worn are the ones from Impsport -

    The cool thing with stuff you buy from impsport is its the same gear they supply to the U.K teams. Not like the replica stuff you usually get from elsewhere. Its also very reasonably priced. here is a review of some of the stuff here.

    Another interesting review done on the mainstream bibshorts below - I have a set of Giordana body clone bib shorts. They are pretty comfy but no where near as nice as the impsport stuffs ... /1676/v/1/