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Angles France

HondatedHondated Posts: 136
edited June 2008 in Tour & expedition
Don,t ask me where in France this beautiful village is as it somewhere I passed through on my way back from the Spanish MotoGP, on my motorcycle but boy was I envious when I saw a great number of cyclists who obviously had stopped for a refreshment break. What I found so great was that from what I saw the majority of them were senior citizens and they looked to be having a great time.I could not stop and chat however as the bunch of colleagues I was with were more interested in achieving mach 3 speeds.
Why I am on the subject it was also purgatory for me to see so many groups of cyclists out in groups both in France and Spain and a little bit of me regretted not have gone in the car with the bike on the back. Still perhaps next year.

Its my fault really for loving motorcycles and cycles and I will never understand the animosity that exists between the two groups at times.


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