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Hello I would like to invest in a full suspension bike .I have about 2.5k to spend but which one the cannondale rush/trek fuel ex9.0 /the giant or the orange five pro.Any advice would be kindly received.Thanks Steve.


  • Rich Hcp
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    You need to try them all.

    I'd go for the Orange, but that's just me and you must go for the one that suits you the best

    Giving it Large
  • Larok
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    5 pro or a heckler
  • smep
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    Thanks the orange seems to be favoured am wondering why and also please would the carbon framesets not represent a better buy.Thanks again Steve.
  • grantway
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    There are some real good bikes out there at the moment and never a better
    time to pass with our well earned cash.

    Youll need to tell us what type of riding you are doing and also what you want
    or expecting out of your new bike.

    Most of the trail bikes you have noted also come in an All Mountain disguise
    also weigh less than a 6 inch bike by a few pounds.

    Ask as many questions you like and get your leg over many test
    bikes and if your still unsure do it all over again, nothing worst than
    buying the wrong bike.
  • grantway
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    Just read a thread in the Workshop section and a guy has a Scott MC20
    This was an Ex demo mind but has a crack on the top tube.

    If you go for carbon make sure you buy the right frame for what you
    are going to ride.
  • smep
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    Thanks for this.I currently have a GT lightning hardtail.I am well into the vet stage and want something that will take me comfotably over the north york moors/yorkshire dales /lake district etc.I won't be doing much in the way of big jumps or drops ..other than when I fall off that is.I want something to last with a bit of class.I just saw an ibis on e bay in the states but unsure of buying second hand from over there.Thanks,Steve.