Change of bike and knee problems

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I have been riding a Cannondale System Six but am now on a Colnago Master Olympic. They are both 56cm and I have measured everything so that the distances are the same, BB to saddle top, saddle nose to bars etc and all are the same, BUT, having ridden hard for the last two weeks I feel like I am only using the 4 inches directly above the knee (ie the base of the quads) to pedal with rather than the whole quadriceps group. Its not painful in the knee, but for the rest of the day after a hard session, stairs are like I hadn't ridden for months and hills are tough !

So what do I need to change, clearly the angles of the two bikes are completely different the 'Dale is much steeper, do I drop the post, raise it, move the saddle forward or back ???

Any help would be gratefully received as I am off for a fortnight in the Alps and Pyranees in a month and will not make it if I can't sort the problem out.



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    You spent so much cash on bikes and you didn't get measured by a specialist?. IF I were you I would get it done because it would probably be the best £60 - £100 you spend.

    I would forget where your muscles are hurting and not hurting and make sure you have the correct setup because its quite easy to do some damage while riding an incorrectly setup bike.

    I would read the following link ... tion.shtml

    PS: Hows about some Bike porn - we all like to see some sexy machines :)