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chip out of tooth on crankset

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whilst cycling about in the yard at work some clown decided it would be a great idea to kick my bike which lead to it skelping into a diggers set of tracks and now i have slight wobble on the front wheel and the crankset has a bent tooth with a slice of metal out of it. question time.

1. can the slight wobble on the front rim be fixed somehow?

2, what do i do with the crankset?
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    wheel need looking at by the bike shop. and the tooth might be normal as they are not all the same. if burred over a small file can be used to stop the tooth catching. if it is not causing any problems leave it.

    as you can see here the uneven teeth of a NEW chain ring.

    clicky for bigger.
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    oh and kick the clowns teeth in.
  • Denny69Denny69 Posts: 206
    Bill him for the repair to (numpty)!! Make sure you add a few quid!
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  • yeah i've spoke to the gaffer at work and he says get a full repair done and he'll make sure he pays for it. even though i could get the stuff ff the net cheaper i'll take it to a bike shop. lol
    felix's bike

    pedal like you stole something!!!
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