Geometry Help needed, please

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I had an S-WORKS and just sold it because I wanted a more relaxed geometry.

The head tube on my 54cm was 130mm, on the Roubaix 56cm it's 190mm. I have tried a 56cm Roubaix and I liked the riding position, at 5'10" the 56cm feels better than 54cm.

However is the head tube "the only consieration" when looking for a relaxed geometry?

If so I don't think there is any other bike with such a high head tube, therefore is limits me to this bike only, or are there other types?

My main issue with my S-WORKS was aching shoulder blades after around 50 miles, I think this was because of the "head down" position.

Any help on geometry appreciated.


  • You can also change riding position with spacers and stem rise.

    'Relaxed' geometry usually also means more stable handling from a different combination of head angle and fork offset, and longer chainstays with room for fatter tyres.

    TBH you probably need the advice of a good bike fitting guy who can look at your position on the bike and make suggestions. Hard to do tha in a forum.
    John Stevenson