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Bike Creaks...

Sudden DeathSudden Death Posts: 41
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First post, be gentle...

I hate creaks anywhere on my bike and have a very unorthodox method for stopping them.
It's been mentioned before that creaks usually occur where two metal surfaces touch, there are several Commercial solutions to this, some work, some don't.
I've found a household product that ensures the two metals never touch...

Silicone sealant :o
I know it's not usual and many will think it's stupid, but if used sparingly it works perfectly.

Simply wipe a small amount of silicone over the two surfaces, put them together and wait twenty minutes for the silicone to "go off".
I have used this on seat post clamps and rails, pedals and crank threads, bars and stems, seat post and frame.
Provided you don't put too much on, the sealant can easily be removed and besides stopping creaks, will, to a lesser degree stop nuts from shaking loose.
I've used this on mountain bikes and bmx bikes for years :wink:
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