Bike Carriers and Carbon Fibre Frames

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Had my previous aluminum framed bike stolen. The insurance replaced it new for old with a new "equivalent" carbon fibre framed Cannondale which is very nice. Only trouble is that I hear its more susceptible to damage if clamped.

I used to carry my old bike on the roof bars of my car with one of those things that has a channel for the wheels and clamps to the down tube. Will I be OK to still use this with appropriate padding etc, or should I be looking at a different system?




  • ksalno
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    I bought a Thule hitch mount rack for my carbon frame bike. It has two cups that the tires fit into. A strap over the rear wheel locks down that end and an adjustable, foam padded bar clamps down over the front wheel up against the brake caliper. This keeps the bike very stable, the wheels don't rotate, and there is no chance of the frame rubbing against anything. You don't have to disconnect the front wheel and the lift over is very easy from a height perspective. If you vehicle has a hitch, I can highly recommend this hitch.
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    Well they seem to manage OK in the tour with carbon bikes on cars :wink: .

    However, personally, my bike has to be in the car. Which can get quite a squeeze on race days if both my parents decide they want to watch, and is also annoying if you want to have a small car!

    Seriously though, if your bike can't fit into your car then it'll be fine on the roof, just pad the holders and make sure it's secure.
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    Thanks for that. I don't tow anything and don't have a tow bar, so probably can't justify getting one just for my bike. Thinking about it, its right (as Jez Mon points out) that carbon fibre frames are carried on cars in all the major tours, so I guess if I'm careful it should be OK