Seat tube rust

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I've a mid-90s steel De Rosa that unfortunately ended up with a stuck seat post. I eventually managed to get it out but I think the damage has been done as there is now a very small hole in the rear of the seat post about 4 inches from the top.

On the front of the tube there are also a few small raised circular bubbles and I think it means more internal rust. This is despite me cleaning it out and putting some framesaver into it after I'd removed the seat post.

What are my options for resolving this? I assume the worst case scenario is getting a new seat tube fitted but is there anything else I can do to arrest the rust?


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    A picture saves a thousand words:


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    It doesn't look good. Have you ridden the bike in all weather? Where did you get the bike from? Perhaps they may be able to offer advice. Lets hope its not Sigma Sport!
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    What is the tubeset?

    Some of the exotic Columbus tubing was quite thin walled and you may need a new seat tube. Water penetration was obviously via the seat tube in the space between the alloy seat post and the frame. This is why it is a good idea to use anti seize grease on the alloy seat pin, as this prevents the chemical reaction between the alloy and the steel but will also fill the void and should stop water penetration down the seat tube.
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    What is the tubeset?
    It's Columbus EL OS.