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Sue WassSue Wass Posts: 29
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Any advice please,

I've got a ladies road race bike from Edingburgh cycles and assume the saddle is designed for ladies. It was uncomfortable so I brought a cheap (Lidlls) gel road race saddle, but still uncomfortable.

The problem I'm getting is that my "ahem" girlie bits are getting squashed :oops: :oops: - any advice, please bear in mind I don't do this riding lark very often and don't really want to spend too much on a saddle that may, at the end of the day, not be any better than the one that was originaly fitted :roll:

Hubby has booked me in for a 70 mile Audax, so I'm panicking a bit :shock:


  • jongingejonginge Posts: 5,945
    Unfortunately, saddles are a very personal thing. It sounds like yours is too narrow for your "sit-bones" and so results in unwanted pressure on soft tissue.
    Here's Sheldon's view:
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  • Marko1962Marko1962 Posts: 320
    I had the same problem but with my man bits and that central part of the male anatomy that us males sit on (whatever that may be called and no not my bum cheeks). The saddle I was using was the default saddle that came with my Focus Variado, after reading posts on here from ppl who had the same problem I chose to change my saddle for a Specialized Alias. The major difference was the central cutout along the length of the saddle and so far so good, no soreness and a fairly comfortable ride so perhaps when looking for a new saddle maybe that is something worthy of consideration ;)

    This pic demonstrates what I'm on about

  • popettepopette Posts: 2,089
    Hi Sue,
    Had a similar problem a while ago and got some really good answers on this thread ... ght=saddle

    Another thread re assos shorts in which Blonde gave some really superb information about getting comfy on the bike: ... le&start=0

    I now use selle Italia lady gel flow sport (think that's what it is) and don't have too many problems although occasionally I have to stop and readjust. I seem to remember it scored highly on the C+ review. I'm not sure if I would do better with womens shorts but it seems that there are no lady cyclists with hips over 40 inches (or so the manufacturers would have me believe :roll: ) so I have to wear mens shorts.

    Good luck getting comfy
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