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Tesco Bike Lock


  • nay.
  • Nay.

    Get a D-lock.
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  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    It's more of an anti tamper device than a security device, but if that's what you're after £ 15 isn't too much. I wouldn't use it to leave an expensive bike anywhere. Might be useful in combination with a better lock, e.g. use the better lock to attach the frame to something immovable and then use this lock to secure wheels etc.
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  • pyebibby4pyebibby4 Posts: 73
    well i use two tesco locks around dorset and i lost one of the keys... so i got a paper clip and got it open that way... excellent i thourght u dont even need a key so i brought another one! what a treat :P
  • Liam-rooneyLiam-rooney Posts: 159
    I would rather pay lots for a decent lock and keep my bike than save money on a lock and then pay loads to replace my bike,

    if that makes sense.
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  • i has 2 cheap locks on my bike and it got pinched within 5 mins....

    i now have a lock that cost me £40 and has a £2000 (think its 2g cant remember) warranty on it.....if it gets stolen from a stationary substantial object, i get £2000 lol.

    Not taking any chances i really dont like locking my bike anywhere now :(
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