Recommend me a drop bar road bike for £1800 or less

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Supposed to be getting a Ti Sportive from Planet X however it is looking increasingly likely that I will not be getting this. Basically I have the end of Monday as deadline for this to be sorted otherwise I will be cancelling my order a looking for another bike however as I am going on holiday next Sunday I don't want to wait until Tuesday before I start considering my other options as this will make getting sorted before my holiday less likely also.

So anyway this bike will be used for longer weekend rides. Anything up 100miles. I have never ridden a drop bar bike properly before (ie only a test ride and a spin out on my bros) so no real experience of them. I want to start incorporating more hills into my routine so it must climb well.

I have a maximum of £1800 to spend on it though if I can spend below this and get an equally good ride I will be more than happy to do so.

I want a properly fitted bike and therefore it must be a brand that can bought in a LBS or if available online it must be customisable in order to meet my fit. That really rules out Focus.

What about Ribble - I've heard that there new dedacci (sp?) frames are good and I can spec the bike how I want. Anybody recommend these.

No 105 specced bikes please as my flat bar has 105 components so my weekend bike must be better specced than it.

Grateful for recommendations.


  • Barrie_G
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    If you like the idea of a titanium bike how about an enigma bike
  • schlepcycling
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    How about a Wilier Izoard with either Ultegra or Centaur for £1799.99 from Epic Cycles
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    Received wisdom seems to be that simply cannot get anything worth being seen on for that pittance.
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  • Lagavulin
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    I can certainly recommend an Izoard. I'm absolutely besotted with mine. The Mortirolo also looks a fine bike.

    While I bought locally from Activcycles, I did communicate initially with Epic and they came across as being very helpful. They'd of built it to my spec with SRAM, Shimano or Campag if it had suited. If you can provide them with enough info regarding your measurements I'm sure they'll be able to deck you out with something suitable.
  • feel
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    How about a Sunday September in Ultegra - if you get one you can tell me what it's like cos i really fancy one :wink:LINK

    just noticed where you are - i think - is that Northern Ireland ? Dont think there is a sunday dealer there, but there is one in Dublin.
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  • JesseD
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    I am selling a nearly new 2008 Trek 5.2 Madone pro fit in size 56cm. Upgraded wheels (Race X Lites) its light and climbs well.

    I am selling because it's a little too small for me and I am looking for £1800 ono.

    If it fits it's worth considering.
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