London to Paris (24th - 27th July) - Anyone doing it?

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I'm doing a LtoP ride between 24th + 27th July, for Christian Aid, was wondering if anybody else on the forum is doing it also?

Whilst I'm on about it, has anyone done L to P via the Dover/ Calais / Arras / Compiegne / Paris route, I've just got a profile of the route it looks surprisingly lumpy!

If you've got first hand experience, I'd be glad of your advice, thanks



  • willbevan
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    Hi Slipknotjonny,

    Have not done it myself but just wanted to say good luck for the event and the fundraising!!!!!

    I saw the LtP in some mags recently think its something i would like to do in the futre, hope it goes well for you.

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  • Mystique
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    No, but I'm doing the Discover Adventure L2P next week!!. Ours is London - Beauvais - Abbeville - Paris and also looks pretty hilly (splendid...)

    Have fun & let us know how you get on!!

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    Im riding the L2P with The Stroke Association in September. Our route is via Portsmouth, Caen, Bernay and then Paris. Legs of 80 miles, 70 miles, then finishing with a 100 stretch into Paris. Cant wait. See my Fundraising page below!!!
  • sithebike
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    Doing L2P in 3 weeks... Absolutely dreading it :(
    I have had a spate of illness which has meant I have not ridden for 4 weeks... now panicing big style about being ready for the ride.. Any advice more than welcome
  • Anonymous
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    Can anyone do this L2P? I guess it costs alot to do?
  • 1878
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    willhub wrote:
    Can anyone do this L2P? I guess it costs alot to do?

    I'm doing it in September with Discover Adventure. £699 if you're paying your own way; or £99 if you're doing it for charity and raise a minimum £1500 sponsorship ... Challenge/ (and see the link for financial information on the right-hand panel)

    Loads of charities have their own variation on the latter theme, quite a few of them seem to be run by DA in the background but branded under the charity's name.

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    I know it sounds stupid but I've never done anything like that before how do you get sponsorship? Would love to do london to paris would be an awsome experience.
  • Mystique
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    Getting sponsorship is simply a case of contacting everyone you know (family, friends colleagues, neighbours, ex-cellmates, one night stands etc etc) and nagging them for money.

    Personally, I've been emailing monthly updates on training, fundraising progress etc, as well as info on my chosen charity. Fortunately I seem to know some generous & wealthy people so I'm almost up to my target. One of my fellow L2P-ers has held a fundraising skittles night at the local pub which was very successful.

    Also, most charities are a great source of fundraising hints & tips. I'm riding for Great Ormond Street Hospital, and they've been brilliant in that respect.

    Make sure you set up a justgiving page (this is an online sponsor form). Great for those you can't "tap-up" in person - See mine at (ahem, hint hint). Really easy to do, and allows people to leave corny messages too.

    Last piece of advice - GO FOR IT. You'll be amazed how easily the sponsorship builds up. Let us know when you decide which event to do, I'll gladly contribute.