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105 v veloce 10spd?

bowserbowser Posts: 163
edited June 2008 in Workshop
hi just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on comparison on shimano 105 10s and veloce ultra tourque would be using for day rides and leisure/commuting
any big difference in performance or is it a personal choice


  • garyspaingaryspain Posts: 105
    Personal choice really, I have a set of each on a couple of my hire bikes and I think the 105 has a much more solid feel.
  • bowserbowser Posts: 163
    im used to shimano but am tempted by using campag on an italian bike
  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    I'd go for Veloce, I like the concealed cables, and already have Campag bikes, so I'd like a degree of compatibility between them. I wouldn't say there was a massive difference between 105 and Veloce, but perhaps the Ergos might give a more comfortable grip than the STIs.
    I like bikes...

  • tenortenor Posts: 278
    Bowser; your legs provide performance, the 'bits' only provide function.
    Both great value and no real difference in function other than the feel of the controls. Comes down to personal preference/prejudice - I just hate the look and feel of those clunky STI's but others don't mind.
  • AidocpAidocp Posts: 868
    I had the Veloce/ 105 choice last year, in the end I opted for Veloce because I'd never tried Veloce before and it was an Italian bike. I think it was the right choice but I've nothing to compare it to, all my other bike have been flat bars (except the boy raleigh racer, I inherited but that was many moons ago)
  • bowserbowser Posts: 163
    thanks for your opinions i think im swayed towards the veloce and may try a "compact"
    for the first time (not getting any younger!) but i like the idea of having lower gears with a closer ratio without the jump in gaps
  • MichaelB2MichaelB2 Posts: 7
    Similar issue earlier this year when building up a classic Cinelli frame. My ride at the time was a LeMond with 9sp 105. I tried the 9sp Veloce on the Cinelli, and whilst there were some great things about it (able to chnage down multiple gears on rear cassette), I just couldn't "fit" right with the shape of the hoods and my thumbs didn't find a good position and they felt akward.

    Mind you, I started using Shimano, but at least I tried.

    Personally, it's more of a comfort thing for me. New bike has Dura Ace (Argon 18 Platinum) and it is sweet. Never tried top range campag though.
  • LagavulinLagavulin Posts: 1,688
    I've got mainly Tiagra (bits of 105) on my Allez and have just bought an Centaur-equipped bike. The latter oozes quality, great shifts and fantastic brakes (my Allez could do with a proper service mind) but I am finding the hoods take a bit of getting used to.
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