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What hardtail to get for £1000?

scottjessukscottjessuk Posts: 58
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Hi all just wondering if you can give me some advice, I'm looking for a bike for around £1000. I have been looking at the Marin Rocky Ridge, looks great and also looks like it's very upgradable. Could possibly do with taking it for a test ride to see if it suits me.

I have also been looking at a couple of specialized bikes, the top of the range Rockhopper and I also thought about stretching the budget 200 and getting the stuntjumper titanium, that bike looks fantastic too.

I took a Orange Crush out for a test ride last week up at Glentress and had the most amazing riding experience. What a great bike to ride and again this looks very upgradable.

Just wondering if anyone has got any ideas on others or can give me a few pointers on the bikes mentioned.

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  • LarokLarok Posts: 577
    to add to your 1k list have a look at these;

    boardman pro here ... egoryId=38 ... egoryId=39 ... egoryId=38

    for 1.2k the stumpjumper looks very nice - I could easily be tempted by it. Ticks all the boxes and I think it would be a hard bike not to like a lot.

    Here it is for anyone who wants to peek; ... goryID=308

    As a rather splendid alternative this; ... ctID=10274
  • Surf-MattSurf-Matt Posts: 5,952
    Got the Stumpjumper HT - it's superb.

    Mine is a 2007 model - easily obtainable for under £1000.
  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    Marin and Spesh look good. Not sold on the orange myself.
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  • Thanks for the Feedback, Larok you have just made this even harder by giving me links to what look like fantastic bikes. I have heard good thinks about the boardman bikes and the Merlin bikes.

    Decisions Decisions thanks chaps.

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  • LarokLarok Posts: 577
    Hardtails get very sexy at the 1k mark!
  • Shotgun75Shotgun75 Posts: 4
    Marin rocky ridge '08, just bought one and its awesome
  • Thanks again Guys, it's crazy the different bikes you can get for around £1000 the hard bit being which one to go for. I love the look of that cube reaction in red, but is it any good?

    Not sure looks are everything in bikes these days.

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  • Cube are great bikes for reasonable price. Frames are very good and light.
    I am not sure that all that parts go with bike on the picture? ... .htm#anker
  • I have been on a couple of sites looking at the Cube and it looks like you get some pretty good components for the just over 1000k mark. So it might be similar but not exact.

    All I need to do now is find my nearest dealer so I can go and test ride one. This could be the hard part.

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  • zombiejackzombiejack Posts: 29
    Just got an Orange Crush and I love it. I was looking at a long travel hardtail, and it was significantly better than my two other shortlisted bikes, the Saracen Zen 3 and the Marin Rocky Ridge. (I was testing small bike sizes)

    If you want an aggressive xc bike then you can't go wrong.

    But, if you want an xc racer then the Boardman is it, if you fit the limited size range!
  • Thanks again for the info, I think I have made up my mind now, probably a long fork singletrack weapon. I did like the orange and I'm going to see about taking the rock ridge out for a test run. Would love to try the rock lobster but don't think I will get the chance.

    Any other long fork single track weapons which are worth a look anyone?

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  • BIG.AL.1BIG.AL.1 Posts: 97
    I am selling a chris boardman pro brand new still boxed in the classified section. If you are still interested in them. If you are not I would recommend merlin cycles all day long. I got a malt 1 off them last year.

  • jam1ejam1e Posts: 1,065

    If you're in the yorkshire area I'm selling my Rock Lobster which is pretty much brand new - dream spec etc. Let me know if you're interested and I'll give you the full details. Cant really do photos at the minute cos my camera is knackered.

    Even if you dont want a 2nd hand one I can recommend the Rock Lobsters very highly.
  • EranuEranu Posts: 712
    I've got a Cube Reaction, I tried all sorts of bikes and for me it was the best value and ride for the money.

    Mine is the K18 spec which costs £1098 and it's a top ride.

    Best thing to do as always is to go and try ans see what you like best.
  • thirty1thirty1 Posts: 75
    Brodie bikes are selling their £1299 Climbmax for £899, i know someone who has one, and it is a really nice bike and you get a bit of change!

    You have to contact them direclty though as the price is not available on line yet.

    See the bike details here

    Here is picture of the bike.

  • That is very tempting because the Brodies is a stunning bike and certainly has the components to match and a great frame. Think I will have to give them a wee call and see what the score is. Thanks Mate

    Thanks for telling me about the bikes you guys have for sale, I will certainly have a wee think about it and see what happens.

    I have to say it's funny you mention the Cube Reaction, I must admit It's a beautiful looking bike but I wasn't a big fan of the way it rode. Think it was maybe a bit too upright for me, bit full on XC racer style and not so sure if it fits my riding style. But then again everyone is different.

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  • After months and months of searching I saw an NS Society in my LBS which I took out for a blast and loved it. So I'm now the owner of a nice white NS Society- Magura Laurin forks, Full SLX geometry which is surprisingly responsive, raceface stem and bars, easton seatpost, SDG Seat, Mavic crossride wheels and hubs, FSA headset. Thinks thats it all mentioned.

    So far it's been great been to Caron Valley with it which i ended up over the handlebars after hitting a log, ended up taking the corner a bit too fast and wide. Bike is fine but sholder and face got the brunt.

    I have also been to drumlanrig castle at dumfries which was ace, nice technical trails and even better if it's been raining, was a tad slippy but that added to the fun.

    Heading up to Glentress this Friday to try it out on some of the red routes, so fingers crossed it will be a blast.

    I shall try and post some pics soon.
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  • maximus69maximus69 Posts: 347
    my riding buddy has a cube reaction, really nice bike, i got a rockhopper disc they ride very different. but i do prefer the look of the cubes. light as well good spec.
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  • i have had a rocky ridge for about 8 weeks and it is the love of my life . i bought it after months of looking at tons of bikes . if its a do anything bike your after then you wont go wrong with the rr . i go xc with my girlfriend (other love of my life ) and even downhill (where enthusiasm far exceeds skill !) the rr handles it all !! buy one
  • Boardman Pro... :D
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