Cycle storage in Centre of Edinburgh

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All - does anyone know a gym (or available lockers, eg. at stations) in the centre of Edinburgh that might be a suitable base for a cycle commuter?

I have an impending office move, after which I'll have no facilities available through work.

Someone on another thread mentioned (with respect to London) a hotel gym at which they rent a locker and leave their bike. Any ideas as to the chain?

Thanks in advance for any ideas!


  • always_tyred
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    Oh dear, its not looking good.
  • gavintc
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    That is a shame. Finding a suitable bike location can be tricky, especially if you have a half decent bike. I would ask the same question on cycle chat, there are a fair few Edinburgh based cyclists on that forum.
  • tardington
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    Can't think of anywhere off the top of my head! I assume you don't want to just chain your bike up out side?

    How central are you? Some of the smaller train stations have the Bike Lockers, I think they are 40 pounds a year.. I know Brunstane has some, and the north berwick line.

    What about using the racks in Waverly Station? The ones next to platform 3 are covered by CCTV, I think.
  • always_tyred
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    I'm erring towards the Hilton's gym. Bike racks right outside the gym reception always in full view and a reasonably number of people coming and going, but not on the street. I'd have to double lock it, take off the saddle pack, the pump, the computer, the blinkies and the lights' battery packs and I might even take to carrying the front wheel into work so that it clearly appears unrideable.

    Nearest station to me will be Haymarket. I doubt they have facilities. Although I've not looked closely, I've never seen any.