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The High Street

SchoeySchoey Posts: 64
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I'm thinking of doing the high street soon.....I don't think I'd be able to do it in a loop, so I'm going to start at Staveley, ending at Poole Bridge and have a night over, before the return leg......Which may not be back over the High Street.

It looks a cracking route! A large portion of the high street is over 700m and 800m in some places.

Has anyone done this route that could offer a bit of advice? How taxing is the route up Staveley side? It looks proper steep! I'm probably going to be carrying a lightweight tent + sleeping bag, so I'm going to be fairly laden down. Just want to know what to expect.

btw, I'll probably be dragging a couple of mates along, not daft enough to try this alone


  • SchoeySchoey Posts: 64
    I guess nobody has riden this route then? :-(
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    posting in the right section might help.

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  • IainMac1IainMac1 Posts: 94
    Yeah. . . i have done high street !

    We did it in a day from Patterdale, going up from hayeswater and coming down by Barton, picking up the single track dow the side of Ullswater back to patterdale. This track by the side of the lake is the best bit of the whole ride.

    The top of high street is not particularly flat either, and once your onto the tops, it is still quite roling.

    The way we did it, it meant we had to carry the bikes on our shopulder for about 1K.

    If you would like more details on the route, i have a copy of it on my computer.

    The route is deffinatly doable in a day.

    Hope this helps
  • SchoeySchoey Posts: 64
    Hi, Yeah, I wouldn't mind a copy of the route please. Can you email it to me? [email protected]

    Looks like we can't get our dates to match up, so trying it in one day is the only other option. How hard was the climb up?
  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    Easy on top, absolute hell on the way up. Be prepared to push for a while!
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  • chrisgachrisga Posts: 587
    Hi there,

    We rode High Street a few years ago and went from Pooley Bridge end to Coniston (South lakes) in a day. From my memory we seemed to spend most of our morning goign up fairly gradually thinking that the descent to ambleside will be amazing but it was pretty short and steep and so we ended up not having that much fun.... Good ride though.
  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    TBH it makes a better walk or run than a ride. More fun to be had around Garbun.
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  • dave_hilldave_hill Posts: 3,877
    Best bet with High Street is to do it as an end-to-end, but obviously if you do it like this you've got to have a way to get back to the start unless you fancy a slog over Kirkstone pass to end the day...

    Do the run South to North, starting at Troutbeck/Limefitt Park at the Windermere end of Kirkstone pass. High Street runs in a virtually dead straight line North North Easterly from there to Pooley Bridge.

    The prevailing wind on the tops will be a Westerly so if you do it this way round the wind SHOULD be on your left rear shoulder all day.

    Also, do it as late or as early as you possibly can to avoid the HOHA (Hateful Old Hikers Association).

    Works out at about 18 miles.
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  • IainMac1IainMac1 Posts: 94
    Check out this months MBR !

    It is the exact route which i rode about three months, and posted earlier.

    It picks up the section on the side of Ullswater, and some of the best single track in the lakes! ! Thats if you catch it right, and not riding as the ferry comes in !!

    Well worth a ride, and if need be, there is a YHA in Patterdale.
  • clarksonclarkson Posts: 1,641
    kirkstone pass is fun coming down though!!

    might have to try that ride. im off to the lakes in a week, so will have to ride it.
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  • whats it actually like as in technically, not worried so much about the climbs cos i'll just walk it if its too hard but whats the decent like, don't want massive drops but want a bit of airtime and nice flowing singletrack.

    Thanks, Yukon Lad
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