Attacks on Bristol to bath cycle path

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After learning this:

I have started avoiding the path in the Easton area in the evening, it is a real pain as the road is slower and full of white vans drivers. I still use it in the morning assuming that the little b*st*rd are too lazy to wake up early.

Am I just a wimp?

It does really annoys me. They probably need a good walloping but what can you do on your own against 10?


  • peanut
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    we shouldn't let them get away with it.Someone must know who they are
    There are 8-10 youths on a housing estate that I am surveying at the moment.
    Every night they congregate and drink lots of beer then throw the bottles around smashing them .Next day the whole road is smothered in broken glass for 100 yds.

    All the residents are too frightened to do anything because of reprisals and the Plod do nothing. :roll:

    Most of them are only 10-14 year-olds I know what I'd do if I lived down there. :wink:
  • redvee
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    I used the cyclepath till recently at 21:30 once a week and never got any trouble from chavs, biggest problem I had when riding in the dark at that time of night was those cyclists who were unlit. A couple of times I was 2 metres away before I missed them :x
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  • yannigr
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    I also used ot use it very late and did not encounter any other problem than unlit cyclists. But that is a lot of people being mugged in a week. So I am getting a bit iffy now.
  • Surf-Matt
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    Bristol crime is out of control.

    My car had to be sold after £3k's worth of vandalism (failed attempts to nick the nice alloys!), had others broken into and everyone I know there has suffered some form of theft/attack.

    Love the place but I'm glad I don't have to constantly worry about the car/bikes/etc now I'm back in Cornwall.
  • mailmannz
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    The solution seems pretty simple...saturate the area with police, capture the little scrotes doing the attacks and then lock the f8ckers away!

    This problem could go away in a couple weeks if the council has the will to make it go away!

  • mailmannz wrote:
    This problem could go away in a couple weeks if the council has the will to make it go away!

    Ha! Mailmannz, you clearly have no experience of Bristol City Council!
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    ......and therein lies the problem of segregated off-road cycle facilities for utility journeys. I think it's a fantastic route, especially when you see how many people use it at weekends for leisure trips but there's no way in hell I'd use it on dark winter evenings.