Time trial times?

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I've decided to reinvent myself as a time trial god :lol: and as such i'd like an idea about what constitutes a decent time. I've got the idea that 25 mins is ok for a 10 but not sure if this is accurate, can anyone clarify? Do any of you guys know if there are any 10s scheduled around the goole/newport area anytime soon?

Oh yeah, an will people take the piss when i rock up on my ss langster wearing dhbs finest?! Not that I care but it'll give me time to prepare the witty putdowns...


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    Never seen someone use a single speed, but why not, bet there are some bloddy fast riders that do, weight advantage to:) read about TTs only having 3 gears, and the rest are just lightweight spacers...

    See people at my local club using bikes 25 years old with racks and mudguards on with down tube shifters, to people using carbon TT frames with carbon discs. Times varying on a hilly course from 23mins to 35 mins. I would say 25mins is respectible.

    I would like to see what i would do on a flat course mind you,some space to get up to speed and keep it.

    Only concern would be if you are undergeared and spin out, mind you i wouldnt on a 53x13 (i think thats whats on a langster)

    If the club gives you grief for what your riding or wearing i would think its better off going somewhere else if this doesnt quickly subside. Okay there is always friendly banter but you know what i mean.

    My first time trial i did on boxing day at 33:58, been choping that back ever since, did 29:16 a couple of weeks ago, and home in a few more weeks to break into 27s, high 27s, like 27:59 lol (just got a basic TT bike that on a training ride did 28:37 with taking it easy for the first 5 mins)
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    Our club has results going back years, feel free to take a look to see what times are typical for a small club.

    (Click results button, only confusing thing for newcomers is wierd names of course which think dates back to when time trials were held in secret. Numbers often mean distance in miles but not necessarily. There is a separate link showing course details. H10/1 and H10/3 are probably fastest 10 mile courses. HCC247 is fastest 25)

    Last ride I took part in 25mins would have been quite respectable and got you a top 10 place.
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    The 25 mile competition record was set on a single speed and has stood since 1993.