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Puncture record

Nick DastardlyNick Dastardly Posts: 606
edited June 2008 in MTB general
What's the most holes you've had to patch up in one go?

I was flying through the woods, went a bit off line and hit a massive square edged rock. Smashed over it and carried on, but stopped at the bottom to check I'd not wrecked my front wheel. Heard air pouring out of the front, so got off the bike and then noticed the back was also flat.

Had to patch up 9 holes, all of them pinch punctures.

Was very worried at the end as I was down to my last patch and almost out of glue, so if I found any more holes it'd all have been a waste of time, but luckily that was the last of them and I managed to get home.

To make things worse, I've been riding there for nearly a year and never had any problems with dog shoot, then the one time I have to touch my tyres out on the trail, the whole bike is covered in it :evil:

Moral of the story is to carry two spare tubes with you, but I'm skint and never replaced the spares I used to carry.
"The problem was, I was still using my eyes even though I had them shut"

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  • a perfect candidate for tubeless I would suggest!
  • danhxdanhx Posts: 165
    6 months riding not had one.

    Well its still a record!
  • a perfect candidate for tubeless I would suggest!

    He he, I was thinking that too! Definitely going to happen when I get the new bike.......
    "The problem was, I was still using my eyes even though I had them shut"

    Demoted to commuting duty

    Orange Crush!
  • David LundDavid Lund Posts: 602
    On my old road / commuting bike i was biking down the usual cyclepath which annoyingly has a hawthorn hedge running next to it, trying to dodge the thorns i managed to get at least 5 in both wheels and the tyres started to go down at a fair rate, assuming the end was nigh i just carried on in a straight line and attempted to get as close to home as possible. when i finaly got round to looking at the state of the punctures in the evening i found 13, inch long thorns in the front tyre and 10 in the rear and also a 3 inch slit down the inside of the tyre :( anyway.. the thorns were pulled out and innertubes binned straightaway without even looking at them. Dosnt realy count as record of repaired punctures but certainly a good shot at record for punctures in a 2 mile ride.
    Anyone had anything this bad?

  • schmakoschmako Posts: 1,982
    I had to fix my mates flat, which turned out to be 3 snakebites (6 holes to patch) and we didn't have a spare tube, all because he didn't have his tyres inflated enough :x 9 sounds extremely gutting though!
  • KonaMikeKonaMike Posts: 805
    I used to get a puncture every ride but since up upped my tyre pressures to 40PSI I have not had a problem in 3 trips to Cwmcarn,
  • skullthawskullthaw Posts: 321
    6 in the peak distict and a patch or gorse bushes lol 4front to of which pinches and 2 holes in back

    wots the worst u guys got??

    mines a 3/4 inch jigsaw blade goin thorugh the tyre and ruined the tube tyre and had to file the rim
    2 Broken fingers broken again... F@$%^£g hell that hurt!!!

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  • delcoldelcol Posts: 2,848
    i once had 7 cause some kind sole had placed drawing pins all over our dirt jump and i was the first person to ride it..

    i always carry 2 tubes a puncture kit and have vynal gloves :shock: in my pack for those messy situations.
  • Update for you......

    Got up this morning and the rear was totally flat and the front was pretty soft. Gave the tubes a proper check in the sink, which obviously was impossible out on the trail, and found another 3 tiny holes, bringing the total to 12! Yay!
    "The problem was, I was still using my eyes even though I had them shut"

    Demoted to commuting duty

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  • Surf-MattSurf-Matt Posts: 5,952

    Four in a week is my worst - hate them so much that I run my tyres at 50psi or more and live with the lack of grip.
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