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Encroaching ads - one for the Webmaster

MrHulotMrHulot Posts: 173
Could you ask the Webmaster to look at the line length or placement of the column style ads on the right hand side of the Forum as the ads mask a number characters at that side of the screen. It only occurs when viewing an actual thread but not when looking at an individual forum index screen or whatever the tech term for it is. It so annoying!!



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    What are you viewing the forum with? and could you take a screen shot.

    also which topic?

    I thought the problem had been solved.

    Best bet though is fire fox and Addblock plus.
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  • MrHulotMrHulot Posts: 173
    It doesn't seem to be associated with a particular topic but it does depend on how far you drill down. When you get to the actual postings the cropping occurs.

  • This problem occurred in IE6.

    We have updated the website today and this issue has been fixed.
  • MrHulotMrHulot Posts: 173
    Thanks Stuart - great stuff
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