Need a new bike, suggestions?

boyse7en Posts: 59
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Due to thieving scum nicking my beloved steed, I'm looking to buy a new bike.

Old bike was an Orange P7 running slicks for the commuting run (15miles each way of tarmac'd trail, which is broken/gravelly in places) and I had some knobblies for a bit of mud plugging at the weekends.

Now I've got a young (18mnths) daughter, the off-road trips are becoming fewer, and I need to fit a child seat on the bike too.

I was very happy with my Orange, so I've looked at the new P7, but it has different geometry, running much longer-travel forks, so I'm not sure that it will be as good for the tarmac work.

Any suggestions for other brands/bikes I should be considering? Budget is a realistic £500, but could be tempted a bit higher depending on what insurance payout i get (if any!)