Motorcycles in bus lanes - response from Mayor's office...

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Hello All

I sent an email to the mayor's office a few weeks ago saying that I thought they should reconsider their stated policy towards the use of motorcycles in bus lanes. See their response below...

Thank you for your e-mail received on 23 May 2008, with reference to the pending introduction of motorcycles in bus lanes.

The newly elected Mayor wishes to further encourage modal shift away from the private car and believes that motorcycles have an important role to play in this. As you are aware, he has therefore instructed us to take steps to facilitate the use of bus lanes by motorcycles. I regret that you are not relishing this policy change proposed under the current Mayor. Please be aware that the major reason behind this proposal is to reduce congestion within the capital and we predict this will have a positive effect.

At present, I am unable to provide any timescales as to when this will occur. Obviously, however, we will be constantly monitoring and reviewing the introduction of motorcycles in bus lanes once it is introduced to ensure that this continues to represent a positive step for London's congestion problem.

Please be assured that every attempt will be made to encourage a good relationship between cyclists and motorcyclists while making their journeys on London roads. Your comments are appreciated and have been recorded for further reviews of this issue which may take place in the future.

Thank you once again for your interest in this matter and please feel free to contact us again with further feedback you may have in the future.

Yours sincerely

Graham Hurt
Senior Customer Service Advisor
Surface Transport Communications
Transport for London

Looks like they are pretty determined to do it, if we are to have any chance of preventing it, we need to step up our lobbying, i.e. contact local MPs, councillors, mayors office etc...


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    Why do you want to stop it? Surely motorbikes/scooters will just go past you as there is plenty of width in a bus lane. Buses in bus lanes, now they're downright dangerous!
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    I cycle on a Brompton, ride a mountain bike and road bike. I ride a motorbike too and access to Bus lanes will save many lives. There's more than enough room for cyclists and motor cyclists.

    To suggest otherwise is selfish cycling militancy in my book.

    I also see more than my fair share of road cyclists in centrl london and the south east, more determined to treat the road as race track, placing speed ahead of safety. Usually cycling in the inside, too fast and getting browned off should they have to slow down, brake orchange gear.

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    I don't have a problem with motorbike using bus lanes. The one thing I won't like is being stuck behind a row of them at traffic lights, as the fumes they pump out are pretty disgusting and build up quickly if you are static for maybe 30 seconds. Having said that, we seem to get the same now when they all go into the ASL boxes anyway.