How likely are bike shops to bargain

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I’m drawing up a list of all the things I need to buy to go with my new bike for commuting (plus the odd off road trip).

Thus far I’m looking at buying the bike, two locks, helmet, maybe a bag (to be honest I’m not sure what else I’ll need).

I think I’m going to buy from a smaller store and wandered what you guys thought of my odds of bargaining the owner down? Do they make enough profit for me to say ‘ I’ll spend £700 in your shop if you give me £50 off or the helmet for free? Or will I thrown out for being cheeky?


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    in my experience, they are more likely to throw in things like pump, maybe helmet, commuter lights (like £10-£20 value), than knock money off.

    If you don't ask, you don't get, but remember, most of the smaller bike shops operate to quite tight margins, so what you don't get in discount, you are likely to get back in service.
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    It's worth a try, perhaps a free service? Tell them at the outset what you're looking to buy, roughly how much you might spend, and that you'll be looking for their 'best deal' - that's how you do it when buying a car!

    If you don't like the deal, you can always walk...although they may not be too accommodating when your bike has a problem that needs fixing ASAP :lol: !

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  • If you buy from a LBS, try finding a bike that is perhaps last years model, or colour, shop owners are always keen to get those out the door, and may do you a deal.
    I had that experience when buying an MTB a few years ago, the LBS in question is renowned for being a tight ar$e, but it was previous years model, and I got a nice chunk off :D
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    Non-chain LBS margins are usually pretty tight so prices tend to be a bit higher. The converse to that is if you buy from them semi-regularly and they get to know your face they can often give you some money off without you asking :D (That's happened to me in at least 3 shops as I've moved around the country.)

    My current LBS is a castelli stockist. I could buy the stuff cheaper online, and do, but I do also buy local. The result was I got £40 off a rosso corsa expresso jacket. Bargain.
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    I paid full price for the first bike I bought from my LBS. Since then, everything I've bought (including my partner's bike) has been at 10% discount.