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Trail Erosion - Glentress/Kirroughtree

Monster101Monster101 Posts: 33
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Hi Folks,

I have been riding trails regularly both manmade and natural I have noticed quite a bit of change in the last winter at Glentress.

The Red Run at Glentress in particular, Pennells Vennell, the Super G and the Matrix has been seriously eroded in my opinion with large braking divits, holes and loose rocks leading up to most corners, berms and downhill sections. Is this normal or is it too many numpties that dont know how to brake properly.

I only really noticed when I realised how unspoilt the red run is at Kirroughtree last week.

Do you think they should resurface/repair it or force all hard tail riders like me to full sussers?

Hats off to the guys who built the new Falla Brae Blue, great surface and good jumps at speed!!!!!



  • BroonsterBroonster Posts: 440
    Yeah, noticed that myself recently. It's actually really tricky in places and it kinda puts you off going full pelt over some of the jumps, particularly on Spooky Wood, when you know you might have a dodgy landing on the other side. Definitely needs a bit of TLC, although not too much - wouldn't want it smooth & shiny like the new blue runs! ;-)

    And yes, I think it's been chewed up mainly as a result of braking unfortunately. Pennel's Vennel is especially bad just now.
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  • RichMTBRichMTB Posts: 599
    Personally I'm not a fan of the new trails sections at Glentress, Its like tarmac in places. the jumps on the new blue decent are good fun though.

    The exit to Pennels Vennel was actually fixed last year it used to be much rougher with big exposed roots.

    Braking bumps are a bit of pain but on my hardtail I try and brake before them
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  • am i missing something or isn't the whole idea of this mountain biking malarky that we ride on rough terrain? the more holes, bumps and loose rocks the merrier as far as i'm concerned!!
  • schmakoschmako Posts: 1,982
    I'm never bothered by the condition of the Red or Black xc, just makes for more interesting riding. I do like the jumps on the red freeride when they are well maintained or they just feel horrible otherwise.
  • boyfridayboyfriday Posts: 103
    I understand your point with the trails and their condition at the moment.

    However, i quite like them in this state - it's a different challenge each time you go to Glentress (depending on how often you go i suppose). I hadn't been in a few months and noticed quite a big difference.

    It makes them a little bit more technical which i like, but i understand that's not going to be to everyone's tastes.

    I must have missed the new blue section last time i was there? Is it on Falla Brae? When did it open? I climbed the new section of Falla Brae to the fire road at the beginning, but didn't see anything on my way back down. Not sure i would go for it though as the red and black sections of Falla Brae are pretty cool.

    What does the blue consist of? Sounds like tarmac and jumps?
  • Steve_FSteve_F Posts: 682
    The new bit at the end splits off from the last red bit and I think is called "End Game". It is very smooth and fast and has two options for jumps, right for easy and some fairly big jumps and interesting drop offs on the left. Some of the jumps are fairly steep and fire you towards the edge of the trail so entry angle is crutial. I love it, very different from the rest of the route and good enough to keep me away from the last red bit.

    Oh yeah, the topic - I have noticed GT cutting up on both the up and downhills over the winter. Too many people skidding into corners isn't helping but it does make it more of a challenge getting into the corners fast. The worst one is half way down spooky woods over a jump towards a big berm. Don't really get that one as there isn't much slowing down required due to the size of the berm!
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