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Hi all, im really sorry to ask this question as it appears quite a common/popular one, though im unable to achieve clarity on it. Iv just purchased a Malt 4, (waiting for it to be ready) my ability aside was wondering if anyone can tell me the limits to which the bike is capable of being ridden too xc? One of my main areas of confusion is caused by Traquair at Glentress (Seven Staines) it states that it is a red grade with black options with jumps and drop offs etc, will the lightweight properties of my bike take such tests, or am I limited to merely fast exhilarating simple single track. Also love to know what opinions you all have about the bike iv chosen, I test rode a number a number of times the Killer Bee, (a friend of mine owns one) and though thought was an awesome bike, was ultimately put off by the mail order concept, and inability to take bike should problems occur, I only live 25 mins from Merlin so that was my main deciding factor????????????? Assistance really appreciated with my confusion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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